Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Three Muses - "Love is Blind"

This week, the challenge at Three Muses is "Love is Blind". Here's my entry, "The Eye of the Beholder":

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Three Muses - "Odd Bird"

This week's challenge at Three Muses is "Odd Bird." Here's my entry, some very odd birds immortalized in lines from "The Walrus" by the Beatles, "Elementary Penguins":

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Friday, July 23, 2010

"Feminist Rantings" T-Shirts Now Available in My Zazzle Store!

My latest collage for the "Feminist Rantings" collection is called "Leftovers":

You can now purchase each of the "Feminist Rantings" pieces on T-shirts and tote bags in my Zazzle store, including "No Greater Love" shown here:

To check out my store, click on the link:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three Muses - "Mail Art"

This week's challenge at Three Muses is "Mail Art." Here's my entry,
"Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder":

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Pieces for "Feminist Rantings"

The project is a 20-page soft-cover book with a collection of collages, all in a similar theme. Here's two more:

Hmm, I think I might put these on T-shirts and totebags for sale at my Zazzle store...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Three Muses - Flying Carpets

This week's challenge at Three Muses is "Flying Carpets"; here's my entry, "Travel Mode Confusion":

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Three Muses & mITSYBELLE 50% Off Sale

This week's challenge at Three Muses is "Rust", and here's my entry, "Rust Never Sleeps":

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EVERYTHING in mITSYBELLE's store is half price until the 14th of July! That includes her brand-new kit, "Another Year":

Here are some layouts I made with this colorful, fun new kit:

(FYI - don't play the Blinking game with an iguana.)

You can purchase "Another Year" for half price, plus all mITSYBELLE's other wonderful kits, here in her store:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Three Muses - STEAMPUNK

This week's challenge at Three Muses is "Steampunk"; here's my entry, "Henry's Totally Pimped Out Ride": To check out all the other awesome entries, or to post one yourself, go to:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three Muses - EYES

The challenge this week at Three Muses is "Eyes"; here is my entry, "Uncle Edgar's Creepy Portrait":

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Three Muses

This week's challene at Three Muses is "Buttons and Bows":

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PERSONAL UPDATE: Will's CT scans were clear - NO CANCER. Expect a free kit to celebrate very soon!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three Muses & FREE CU Grunge Overlay Pack

This week's challenge at Three Muses is "Song Lyrics", and for my entry I've chosen to depict lyrics from the Fleetwood Mac classic "Gold Dust Woman":

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PERSONAL UPDATE: I've still been nursing Will at home following the episode a couple of weeks ago with the pulminary embolism. The doctors gave him the green light to return to work, part-time, starting on Tuesday. On Monday we're driving up to Boston again to meet with the oncology team that handles the IL2 treatments; my husband is in remission, but the chances of that being a long-term thing are greater if he undergoes a second round of the high-dose Interleukin-2. That's been easier said than done, because he's had complications from the first round that have prevented a second round thus far - his remaining kidney wasn't functioning well enough for months, and just when we started to see sufficent improvement in his kidney function he had the pulimanary embolism. So we're expecting further delays... and a follow-up CT scan, which is always scary (if the cancer returns, this is how we'll find out).

If the CT scan is clear, I'll design a new kit to celebrate. In the meantime, I have a FREE CU Overlay pack for you today, with a brief tutorial for those of you who don't have a lot of designing experience.

You can snag it HERE:


In Photoshop, start with a new 12 x 12 document at 300dpi. Using the paintbucket, add a solid color (in this case, I used a tangerine shade).

Copy/paste one of the overlays into the document, layered over the block of color. Click on Layer/Layer Style/Blending Options, and play around with the settings. You can get a vast array of different effects by changing the settings here! This is Overlay #2 from my CU pack, with the Blending options set to "Multiply":

Same overlay, with the blending option set to "Overlay":

Here it is set to "Difference":

Same overlay, now set to "Exculsion":

To get a little more inventive, I duplicated the overlay layer, set the lower layer to "Difference" and the upper layer to "Exclusion" with the "Poster edges" filter applied:

Save the final paper as a jpg, and you're on your way to digital designing!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Three Muses and Orient Express FREEBIE Part Four

This week, the challenge at Three Muses is "Time". My entry is "Time Flies":

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And Now for your FREE STUFF!!!!

Today, we are celebrating the fact that I have managed to pass another semester with my 4.0 intact. Tomorrow the college is having its annual awards ceremony, and I will be given the 2010 Creative Writing Award, the Nicholas and Theresa DiSantis Quality Printing Scholarship Award, and I will be formally inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

To get Part Four of "Orient Express":
If you don't already have the other the other three parts, they are available by scrolling down.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Art Project Update and FREE Orient Express Kit Part Three

I'm working on a book of 20 themed humorous collages, vintage 50's with a slight girl-power attitude. The book will be called "Feminist Rantings"; here's "Good Housekeeping", the cover illustration:

And this is "Coffee Break", the latest collage I've made:

And now for your free stuff!
Today we are celebrating my husband's return from the hospital. It took the doctors a week to get him at a safe level on blood thinners so they could send him home, and my poor sweetie barely slept at all the entire seven days he was there. Hospitals make him nervous, and every time he did fall asleep they promptly woke him up to take his blood pressure or give him a pill or change his bed linens. He came home yesterday morning and within half an hour he was fast asleep on the couch, where he took a six-hour nap with Godzilla. Apart from being sleep-deprived, he's doing very well.

So here's the free stuff!

Today you get Part Three, the first pack of Elements:

"Orient Express" is a four-part kit, so come back soon to get the second pack of elements. Hugs!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Three Muses and Orient Express FREEBIE Part Two

First up, the Three Muses Challenge site has reached its first year milestone! Bravo, Muses! This week's challenge is "Cards"; my entry is called "Always Some Joker":

To view all the other FABULOUS entries (Three Muses has some very talented people participating!), or to post one yourself, go to:

And now for your free stuff!!!!

Part Two of the papers:
Come back soon for the elements!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Orient Express FREEBIE, Part One

Sorry I'm late posting this, things have been pretty crazy here! My husband suffered a pulmonary embolism Saturday - he's fine, and we were lucky that it was a mild episode that didn't cause any permanent damage, but he's still in the hospital while they get him stabilized on a drug regimen. We didn't know this, but the cancer put him at risk for developing an embolism (a fancy word for a blood clot), and they can be very dangerous (even fatal). So the first thing we're celebrating is that he's OK!
Here is my new kit, "Orient Express":

Today you get Part One of the papers:

Come back soon for Part Two!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sunday Postcard & FREEBIE

Here is my entry for this week's Sunday Postcard Art. The challenge this week is "Mirrors"; my piece is called "Through a Glass Darkly":

To check out the other entries, go to:

As of this afternoon, I am OFFICIALLY out of school for the summer!!!!!!!! To celebrate, I've put together a collection of Butterflies - and a few loose wings, one butterfly body, and some French encyclopedia illustrations. There's 45 all together.

You can snag it FREE here:

On Sunday I'll start handing out my new Kit, "Orient Express".

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Free at Last, Thank God I'm Free at Last

OMG, I thought I was NEVER going to get out of this semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been working on school projects the way the Israelites were building pyramids - work till you drop, and dodge that cracking whip if you know what's good for you! BUT the last pieces of my final project are drying downstairs on my kitchen table as I type (and it's due on Friday, so I'm AHEAD of schedule! What a concept!).

Get this - all I have to do is drive to school on Friday and turn my stuff in for my final grade, and then I'm FREE for FOUR ENTIRE MONTHS. I haven't taken a summer off since I started school in January of 2008, but THERE ISN'T ENOUGH MONEY IN THE BERKSHIRES to pay me to go to summer school this year. I am going to sit on my well-upholstered fanny and BLOg, and design freebies, and BLOG, and make snarky collages, and BLOG... you get the picture.
This is my entry for this week's Three Muses challenge. The subject this week is "relationships", so I opened up the folder labeled COUPLES in my library of vintage photographs, and decided to work with a pair of bathing beauties I call "Hard Bodies."

I also made a piece for LAST week's Three Muses, when the subject was "legs":

To check out the great artwork over at Three Muses, go HERE:


"Precious" has 11 papers, glittery stuff, and 42 elements. Here are a few layouts I made with this bright, beautiful kit:

mITSYBELLE's other kit is the very elegant "Madame":

It's available to purchase HERE:

Here are some layout I made with this gorgeous kit:

Your freebie today is the jeweled frame shown in the layout above; you can snag it HERE:

Come back soon, we have LOTS of stuff to celebrate, which means FREE STUFF for everyone!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Not for me, for a change, (OMG, I FINALLY got all my midterm projects done Saturday, it is SUCH a relief not to have them hanging over my head anymore!) but for those of you who have yet to take advantage of mITSYBELLE's INCREDIBLE store-wide sale:

You only have until the 31st, so go grab it NOW:

AND there's a new kit in mITSYBELLE's store:

"Naturally" is a very versitle mini-kit, with 10 papers and 27 elements. Here are a few layouts I made with this kit:
"It Always Feels Like Summer When I'm With You:"

"Don't Eat the Green Ones!"

"Baby Sleep"

If you just don't have the hard-drive space for the entire store, you can purchase just the "Naturally" kit here:


Day Four of "Four Days of QPs" comes with a DOUBLE DOSE - you get two Qps from kits featured in mITSYBELLE's store buy-out (this time it's "Radiant Glow" and "Heavenly Blooms"), but you ALSO get two QPs from my new "Naturally" layouts!

"Heavenly Blooms QP"

"Radiant Glow" QP

PLUS two "Naturally" Qps!

I think that when I post my Three Muses entry on Wednesday (the challenge is "You Are What You Eat"), I will have a new set of FREEBIES to give away... I'm thinking butterflies.