Friday, November 6, 2009

SCD Christmas Card & Sophie's FREE "A Book of You" Blogwear

This week, the challenge at Something Completely Different is Red, Green & Gold Christmas Cards. And I've got to tell you, I'm really looking forward to seeing what our talented ladies come up with this week! They've been wowing me all last month with their spectacular hand-made inchies - and OMG I can't imagine working with such a tiny canvas by hand - but now that they've been given a bigger canvas to work with, I'm expecting some GORGEOUS artwork will be posted. In fact, I'm just hoping I can get out of the week without being put to total shame, because you just can't top the sheer beauty of hand-made greeting cards. Go take a look yourself at the entries this week:

but they're all courtesy of the very talented Sophie at
who designs custom blogwear. She's made three different sets of blog designs using the original "A Book of You," its Add-On, and "Misty Water-colored Memories." They're all below, with the links to her blog where you can download them FREE (there's also instructions on how to set them up on your blog here)

This is the header for Set One, which is called "Victoria" and has a choice of two backgrounds:

The next set is called "Zehave", which is also a header and a choice of two backgrounds:

And Finally, we have "Velma", from my "Misty Water-colored Memories" Kit, with the same header-and-choice-of-background as the others:

Sophie also has dozens of other designs using kits from other designers; you'll enjoy going through her blog and looking at all her work.



  1. Tammara,
    It's an honour to me to be introduce like this..
    Thank you so much.

  2. Oh wow I am off to visit Sophie now and THANKS for telling me where to find her.

  3. I have a good collection of country christmas album. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do….

  4. Tammara--You haven't been around for awhile! Are your challenges and classes messing you up again? lol Seriously, hope all is well! :)