Friday, November 27, 2009

Three Muses, Something Completely Different, & FREE Tag Templates

Hello, Three Muses people! I have missed you! But my computer is up and running again, and I'm entering this week; the theme is "Time":

"Time Spirals"

To go and look at all the other fabulous entries - or to post one yourself! - go to:

Over at Something Completely Different, the challenge is a Christmas card with a Snowman in Red and Green. As you all know, I am not exactly a potential Hallmark employee, because I am a non-traditional snarky wench, so here's my take on it (click on it to get a larger version):

I think the inside should say: "This year, try not to over-analyze the Holidays and just enjoy yourself." But feel free to suggest alternatives!

You HAVE to go an look at all the GORGEOUS entries that have been posted this month at Something Completely Different. These ladies have made the most beautiful hand-made cards! To go drool (and try to figure out how to get on their Christmas card list), go here:

This is a set of tag templates, in both individual png files and a printable 8 x 10 sheet. Tomorrow-ish (you remember how well I tell time, right?) I'll have a set of completed tags I designed myself, also in individual png files (to drop into digital scrapbook layouts) and in a printable sheet (for anyone who just wants to cut them out and use them in the up-coming holiday season... I'll try not to be too much like, well, myself.)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Mixed Bag of Stuff WITH FREEBIES

I'm back (and thank you to those of you who wrote to inquire about my whereabouts! you're SO sweet!), following a rather drawn-out and distressing computer crash, coupled with even more unnerving health issues with my beloved husband Will, all with exams and term papers thrown in like migrane-inducing croutons in a tossed salad of unmitigated crisis...

BUT if I start whining and ranting about it, we'll be here all day, so let's just get back to business! First, here's my VERY LATE entry (and it's so embarrassing because I'm ON THE DESIGN TEAM) to Something Completely Different's Challenge (LAST week!!!!) "Pink Card With Christmas Tree":

Then I didn't even get to MAKE this week's card because after my computer crashed I couldn't reinstall my copy of Creative Suite CS3 for DAYS........... oh jeez, there I go, into whine mode again.

Someone fetch me a martini, will you?

And then, go look at the FABULOUS handmade cards the very, very talented ladies at Something Completely Different have designed:

NEXT, mITSYBELLE has a new kit in her stores. It's called "Christmas Cheer", and it's really cute!

You get 18 papers and a very cool 68 elements - what a bargain, huh? There's beads and snowflakes galore and even though I made three layouts I didn't even get around to using HALF this kit. Here's the layouts:

"Naughty or Nice?"

(I'll let you decide - but HINT, it's the same kid giving me the sardonic "pose" on the bottom of the next layout.)

"I Never Get Tired of Babies in Silly Hats"
Of course, the problem is that the babies DO get tired of wearing the silly hats. (I talked about this in a layout from last year, using a different kit).

And now that my granddaughter is 5 I'm fresh out of babies, and this year I'm stuck with the cat and the iguana. Getting them to pose should be interesting.....

ANYWAY, after camping on my son, I should get back to mITSYBELLE's kit, and point out that he was not the only one trying to talk their way off the naughty list...

"Come On Out, Little Brother!"

(It's almost 20 years later and they still fight like cats and dogs.)

ANYWAY, you can purchase this wonderful kit HERE:

AND NOW FOR YOUR FREEBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since it's time to start making cards, tags, and other Christmasy things, I've put together a set of Victorian-era clipart for your usage, in both png format (for all you digital folks) and in printable collage sheets (for those of you using real scissors, paper and glue!). They are all royalty-free so knock yourselves out making whatever you desire.

I'm showing them here in collage-sheet mode, which will print nicely on standard sized regular paper (I haven't tested it on cardstock. The resolution might need to be adjusted down to 230 dpi to allow for the way cardstock absorbs ink). You can download both sheets in PRINTABLE (CMYK mode) form here:
And you can get them in individual png files with transparencies (in RGB mode for computer use) here:

I hate to wallow in my bad news; and I have good news to share, too! So I'll be back tomorrow with more goodies and in a better mood (if all else fails, you can buy Christmas Spirit in a bottle, right?) HUGS!

Friday, November 6, 2009

SCD Christmas Card & Sophie's FREE "A Book of You" Blogwear

This week, the challenge at Something Completely Different is Red, Green & Gold Christmas Cards. And I've got to tell you, I'm really looking forward to seeing what our talented ladies come up with this week! They've been wowing me all last month with their spectacular hand-made inchies - and OMG I can't imagine working with such a tiny canvas by hand - but now that they've been given a bigger canvas to work with, I'm expecting some GORGEOUS artwork will be posted. In fact, I'm just hoping I can get out of the week without being put to total shame, because you just can't top the sheer beauty of hand-made greeting cards. Go take a look yourself at the entries this week:

but they're all courtesy of the very talented Sophie at
who designs custom blogwear. She's made three different sets of blog designs using the original "A Book of You," its Add-On, and "Misty Water-colored Memories." They're all below, with the links to her blog where you can download them FREE (there's also instructions on how to set them up on your blog here)

This is the header for Set One, which is called "Victoria" and has a choice of two backgrounds:

The next set is called "Zehave", which is also a header and a choice of two backgrounds:

And Finally, we have "Velma", from my "Misty Water-colored Memories" Kit, with the same header-and-choice-of-background as the others:

Sophie also has dozens of other designs using kits from other designers; you'll enjoy going through her blog and looking at all her work.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Three Muses

The Challenge this week over at Three Muses is "A Peach of a Couple." AS I mentioned a post or two ago, I expected weirdness to come out of my head due to an overdose of wildly unrelated school work, but what actually spewed out was pure sarcasm:

"Birds of a Feather"

ANYWAY, head on over to check out the other artwork - there's always some AMAZING stuff posted by the loyal followers of Three Muses - and maybe even post one of your own (but be quick, the contest changes in the next 36 hours or so).

Come back soon... I'm cooking up good stuff. Hugs!