Thursday, October 8, 2009

Something Completely Different & New mITSYBELLE Kit

This week's challenge over at Something Completely Different is "Bird Inchies." And I'm happier with my second try at one of these teeny-tiny art pieces:

Consider this one a free download; click on the image to get the full resolution and then right-click to save. If you're into jewelry making, it's just the right size for one of those cool glass charms that seem to be so in vogue right now. THE PRINCESS puts them on necklaces, charm bracelets and key chains.

CU is OK - knock yourself out!

And by all means, go check out all the other entries! Except for me, all the artists submit handmade pieces, and I'm in awe of their ability to work with stamps, inks and embossing powders on such a tiny surface.

(Don't tell my Art Teacher I said that, or she'll assign me to make a whole series of them just to force me to work outside of my comfort zone; I love her, she's a FANTASTIC professor, but she's also a slave driver.)

mITSYBELLE has a new kit out in stores right now, and it's just beautiful. It's crammed full of stuff for scrapbookers and altered artists alike (check out the cool vintage Halloween greeting cards, and the beautifully detailed lace!). The papers are also gorgeous:

Here are a few layouts I created using this kit, which show how versatile it is:

"Moon Goddess"
(my Altered Art piece)

"Vintage Children"

"Autumn in the Berkshires"

You can purchase this wonderful kit here:

Then head on over to mITSYBELLE's blog to pick up this freebie:

It's part of a blog train, so grab some coffee and dig in for an hour of freebie hunting!

I am currently trying to dig myself out of a basket of YIKES at school (and I thought I would get a break with the 3-day weekend, but my evil Lit teacher announced that since we would miss the Monday class due to the Columbus Day holiday he was assigning us AN EXTRA ESSAY INSTEAD), but the Halloween shop should be up on Zazzle by this weekend, and I'm working on a very cool Add-On to
"A Book of You."
Also, we've been covering "expert methods of image extraction" in my Advanced Photoshop class, so I could probably make up another free set of Vintage Fairies and Floozies for all of you that I can also turn in for homework!!!!!
So come back soon! Hugs!


  1. I love your wee bird piece, Tammara. And I'm in awe of ANYONE in advanced Photoshop class!

  2. Your inchie turned out great--and I love what you did with Mitsybelle's kit! More Fairies and Floozies? We score when you have homework! :)

  3. Wonderful inchie, love the layout. Thanks for the comment on mine. Anesha