Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crowabout Week 54 & Something Completely Different

Here's my entry to Nancy Baumiller's Crowabout Challenge. The honest truth is I'm supposed to be doing my Lit homework and instead I've been collaging this all afternoon because it just seemed so damn cool. Too bad I can't submit it instead of the essay on James Weldon Johnson I should have written...
"The Strange Tale of Herman the Cross Dressing Milkman"

I made my first inchie for Something Completely Different. Why don't we all pretend I spent a couple of paragraphs griping about how hard it is to work with a 1-inch-by-1-inch canvas and just move along? This week's theme is "Oriental":

I'm not thrilled with it; I hope the next one comes out better... go over to the SCD site and see what inchies are supposed to look like (or maybe post one yourself?):

Now I have to go do homework...


  1. I love Herman--I may have gone to school with him! lol Your inchie looks good--you are braver than I am--it makes my head hurt to think about making something that small! :)

  2. Tammara your work is fantastic!! and I love reading your post's so funny LOL.

  3. Your collage is AWESOME! I looked at this collage sheet and wondered how one would put all these together - well, you did at! and did it so well! You have a great imagination!

  4. So how did you do it? Don't understand what a digi artist is.

  5. Tammara loved your inchie so much detail!


  6. Wonderful inchie, love the amount of detail you have included. The symbols on my inchie mean Good luck. Thanks for the lovely comment. Anesha