Thursday, August 27, 2009

Three Muses Challenge

This week's challenge over at Three Muses is "hands." I've got a lot of cool vintage hand images; dainty Victorian Lady clip art hands, and old cut-work pointing hands, and neat palmistry charts. But when I opened up the "hands" folder I gravitated towards a pair of hands from a Dover illustration of Indian henna patterns, and then kind of ran with this insane-redhead-does-Zen kind of theme. So here's my entry this week,
"Cosmic Circus":

You can go check out all the artwork (it's always exceptional), and even post one yourself:

I'm working on a new set of freebies... might be ready tomorrow....


  1. HA! What fun! This piece reminds me of a stream of conscious writing. From mendhi hands to rainbows, from elephants to butterflies, and it all comes together in a ..... of course! .... a cosmic circus. Brilliant, Tammara!

  2. Tammara I love your very distinctive style and the ability you have to bring fun and playfulness into whatever you do. This lovely piece is fantastic and just blows me away. Brilliant.

  3. Totally fantastic!!I love your artwork!!

  4. Hi Tammara me again.

    If you want to join Collage Play with Crowabout you can find Nancy on Flickr. All you need do is send her a message saying you'd like to join the group. If you have difficulty email me at the Muses email address. Have fun.

  5. This IS a wonderful Zen-ny Cosmic Celebration!!!! Whoo-hoo Wonderful! Hugs, Terri

  6. I love all of your altered works--I'm still a fan! :)

  7. How rich and mysterious (and beautiful). Your artwork is stunning and your piece on the hands theme is superb.
    Thanks so much for bringing such a wonderful piece to the challenge.

  8. This cosmic circus is breathtakingly fabulous!

  9. Hi Tammara.
    Have just discovered you(came here from Kim's CC)and had a great time looking around your blog.
    I'd just decided to start doing some art challenges at Artarazzi when Vron decided to close shop! So I may see you around Three Muses ;)
    Thanks for the fun!