Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday Post Card Art

This week's challenge at Sunday Post Card Art is "BINGO." For a change, I actually followed the guidelines on size... but I'm not crazy about working with the 4x6 canvas, I think everyone will just have to put up with my usual 12x12's in the future. In the meantime, clicking on the teeny-tiny little piece of art that results from posting a 4x6 will bring up a (very little bit) larger view. Here is my entry,
"Demon Gambling":

To view the other entries (or to post one yourself), go to the Challenge site:

I'm still waiting on the grade for my Art History final to see if I've kept my 4.0; but I've been working on the celebratory freebies, and they should be on-line SOON!


  1. טוב תודה לך נושא יותר נפלא

  2. This is awesome - very beautiful and creative work! I so enjoyed my visit to your blog!!

  3. This is fantastic,laughing my head off!!,love it!!

  4. Too funny! I wonder who he's "giving the bird" to???! lol

  5. OMG your postcard is great!!! I love it how creative!!