Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dans Ma Maison, Sunday Postcard Art, & Iguana Update

The challenge this week from our French buddies over at Dans Ma Maison is "In my House there is a CROWN." The challenge is ALWAYS "in my house there is...", and the entries are supposed to be house-shaped. Everyone else makes these cool pieces of altered art using all kinds of different techniques (collage, embroidery, image transfer, beading, etc.). Then they send in digital photos. But because my art is digital it's hard for me to do house-shaped, because blogger doesn't do transparencies. So (as usual) I've decided to ignore the rules and give them houses instead. I actually built this one from bits and pieces of old French clipart (it is, after all, a French blog), many of which I've gotten as freebies from Augence Eureka. I've called my entry
"A Man's Home is His Castle":

(Thanks to The Paper Collector for the Russian General suit, and to Augence Eureka for the parts to build the house!)

You can check out the other entries HERE: http://dansmamaisonilya.blogspot.com/

I particularly enjoyed making the Deranged Russian Dictator Iguana, which is a good segueway into my LIZARD UPDATE.

My oldest daughter Katrina came up to visit Sunday, with her guy Roger and my granddaughter. Katrina immediately fell in love with Geico, the smallest of THE PRINCESS's trio of iguanas, and persuaded her younger sister to part with him. So the good news is that I'm down one over-grown lizard; the bad news is IT"S THE WRONG LIZARD. I still have possession of T-Rex, the twenty-pound psychotic iguana who bit me last week.

I got lots of great mail after my lizard-bite post, and it turns out that T-Rex has gone into some kind of mating frenzy that's made him crazy-aggressive - especially towards ME, because in his evil little lizard brain he has decided that he has to over-throw me to become the DOMINANT IGUANA. Now, it was news to me that I'm the current dominant iguana, or indeed the dominant anything, since I can't even get anyone to pick their socks up off the floor (and that's after 25 years of trying!). But I do understand that "mating frenzy" leads to a litter of little iguanas, and frankly my house is already infested with too many iguanas. So I immediately removed the female (Godzilla, who is also hands down the sweetest, nicest lizard of the trio)...

..and YIKES, T-Rex is ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS. Now I can't even come into the room where his cage is, because he starts arching his back, whipping his tail and hissing the moment he sees me (after his first week in the house, he had stopped doing that unless he saw me holding the nailclipper, and even after the bite he only did it when I approached the door of the cage - but of course that was BEFORE I stole his woman!).

Meanwhile, newly liberated Godzilla has morphed into what is essentially a green scaly dog. She is toilet trained, and has pretty much free run of the house. She scratches at the back door when she wants to go out for a walk, and when Will sits down in front of the TV with his evening snack Godzilla will go over and beg for grapes. She even sleeps in a mid-sized dog bed! And rather than missing the company of the other iguanas, she seems to be thrilled at having us basically all to herself.

ANYWAY, Here's my entry for this week's Sunday Postcard Art. This week's theme is "Botanica", and here's what i came up with,

"By Fairy Post":

The grass is from mITSYBELLE's "In the Yard" kit; the gardent tool and the botanical seed packets are from Lynn Griffin's "Secret Garden". Both kits are available at SAS.

To check out the other entries (or to post one yourself), go to:

That's all for now; I've got to go walk a lizard.


  1. Love both your pieces. Now that you've paved the way for digital art at Dans ma maison, maybe I dare to follow :) Hugs

  2. This is delightful, Tammara. I like it.

  3. Jolie maison, merci de ta participation.

  4. great house and what a fabulous crown!

    I am very late in joining in this week :)