Monday, August 31, 2009

One Powerful Hour, Sunday Postcard Art, & NEW Round of FREEBIES

Hello, everyone! I'm happy to say that the splint on my right hand is gone and the stitches were removed Friday. It's nice to be able to use my right hand again!
So we'll have to celebrate with a new round of freebies!

But first, check out the piece I made for One Powerful Hour. Their theme this week is "Alphabet List," and it involves choosing three words at random from a list provided on the site; I chose OCEAN, UMBRELLA and COFFEE, and created this:
"Java Junkie"

You can see all the other artwork (or post one yourself, at least until Friday) at:

Next, we move over to Sunday Postcard Art, where the theme for the week is "Fish." As someone whose artwork almost invariably incorporates off-beat humor, "Fish" is a real gift - just the word fish sounds funny all by itself. Here's my entry,

"Elizabeth's Pet Peeve":

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and go see all the other fabulous fish (and trust me on the coffee, this challenge gets a lot of entries!), and consider posting one yourself:

But before you go, make sure you download your FREE stuff!

"A Book of You" is a journaling kit, from which you will be able to fashion 8 coordinating pages; the first part is the papers. You can snag them HERE:

Tomorrow you get Part Two! Hugs!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Three Muses Challenge

This week's challenge over at Three Muses is "hands." I've got a lot of cool vintage hand images; dainty Victorian Lady clip art hands, and old cut-work pointing hands, and neat palmistry charts. But when I opened up the "hands" folder I gravitated towards a pair of hands from a Dover illustration of Indian henna patterns, and then kind of ran with this insane-redhead-does-Zen kind of theme. So here's my entry this week,
"Cosmic Circus":

You can go check out all the artwork (it's always exceptional), and even post one yourself:

I'm working on a new set of freebies... might be ready tomorrow....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dans Ma Maison, Sunday Postcard Art, & Iguana Update

The challenge this week from our French buddies over at Dans Ma Maison is "In my House there is a CROWN." The challenge is ALWAYS "in my house there is...", and the entries are supposed to be house-shaped. Everyone else makes these cool pieces of altered art using all kinds of different techniques (collage, embroidery, image transfer, beading, etc.). Then they send in digital photos. But because my art is digital it's hard for me to do house-shaped, because blogger doesn't do transparencies. So (as usual) I've decided to ignore the rules and give them houses instead. I actually built this one from bits and pieces of old French clipart (it is, after all, a French blog), many of which I've gotten as freebies from Augence Eureka. I've called my entry
"A Man's Home is His Castle":

(Thanks to The Paper Collector for the Russian General suit, and to Augence Eureka for the parts to build the house!)

You can check out the other entries HERE:

I particularly enjoyed making the Deranged Russian Dictator Iguana, which is a good segueway into my LIZARD UPDATE.

My oldest daughter Katrina came up to visit Sunday, with her guy Roger and my granddaughter. Katrina immediately fell in love with Geico, the smallest of THE PRINCESS's trio of iguanas, and persuaded her younger sister to part with him. So the good news is that I'm down one over-grown lizard; the bad news is IT"S THE WRONG LIZARD. I still have possession of T-Rex, the twenty-pound psychotic iguana who bit me last week.

I got lots of great mail after my lizard-bite post, and it turns out that T-Rex has gone into some kind of mating frenzy that's made him crazy-aggressive - especially towards ME, because in his evil little lizard brain he has decided that he has to over-throw me to become the DOMINANT IGUANA. Now, it was news to me that I'm the current dominant iguana, or indeed the dominant anything, since I can't even get anyone to pick their socks up off the floor (and that's after 25 years of trying!). But I do understand that "mating frenzy" leads to a litter of little iguanas, and frankly my house is already infested with too many iguanas. So I immediately removed the female (Godzilla, who is also hands down the sweetest, nicest lizard of the trio)...

..and YIKES, T-Rex is ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS. Now I can't even come into the room where his cage is, because he starts arching his back, whipping his tail and hissing the moment he sees me (after his first week in the house, he had stopped doing that unless he saw me holding the nailclipper, and even after the bite he only did it when I approached the door of the cage - but of course that was BEFORE I stole his woman!).

Meanwhile, newly liberated Godzilla has morphed into what is essentially a green scaly dog. She is toilet trained, and has pretty much free run of the house. She scratches at the back door when she wants to go out for a walk, and when Will sits down in front of the TV with his evening snack Godzilla will go over and beg for grapes. She even sleeps in a mid-sized dog bed! And rather than missing the company of the other iguanas, she seems to be thrilled at having us basically all to herself.

ANYWAY, Here's my entry for this week's Sunday Postcard Art. This week's theme is "Botanica", and here's what i came up with,

"By Fairy Post":

The grass is from mITSYBELLE's "In the Yard" kit; the gardent tool and the botanical seed packets are from Lynn Griffin's "Secret Garden". Both kits are available at SAS.

To check out the other entries (or to post one yourself), go to:

That's all for now; I've got to go walk a lizard.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Triple Art Post

First up is Three Muses! This week, the challenge is "Wings on Things," and here's my entry,
"Night Song":

(Background papers from mITSYBELLE's "Mysterious You" kit.)

As always, the art produced for the Three Muses Challenge this week is fantastic, and I really encourage you to go over and check out the other entries:

Also, you've got until Wednesday to post one yourself!

Next up is Sunday Postcard Art. The theme this week is "Glamor Girls", and here's my entry,

To check out the other entries, go HERE:

Finally, I made an entry for Dans Ma Maison and missed the deadline (AGAIN). Same problem as usual - it's the next day THERE hours and hours before it's the next day HERE. And it doesn't really matter (AGAIN) because I didn't do what I was supposed to do anyway. The challenge at Dans Ma Maison has a catch just like the one at Gothic Arches - the art has to be shaped like a house every week. The theme was "wings" (or, to be exact, "In my house there are WINGS"; the challenge is ALWAYS "In my house there are..."). Most of the art isn't digital, but mine is and I don't do "house-shaped" because blooger doesn't do transparencies. So I gave them houses WITH wings, in

"Arial Tax Dodge":

By the way, all three pieces were made left-handed. The only thing I can't do digitally without my right hand is extractions (lots of fine motor control needed to extract an image). Not bad, huh?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have a piece of art to enter in this month's "Awfully Big Art Adventure" and a set of FREE background papers for you today...

...but first, a rant.

AS YOU MAY HAVE READ LAST MONTH (if you regularly follow my blog, that is), THE PRINCESS managed to acquire a trio of iguanas on the internet. This was due to a sad convergence of technology (when I was a child, bringing home unsolicited pets was limited to the unclaimed animals found wandering in my actual neighborhood) and parental shortsightedness (I was foolish enough to tell the child that, AND I QUOTE, "you can buy yourself any dumb-ass thing you want as long as you purchase it with your own money" when what I really meant was "I would like you to use your allowance to pay for your Panic at the Disco CDs and the 27 thousand bottles of hairspray it has suddenly become necessary for you to have."
However, while I admit I was not clear enough in my phraseology, I am uncertain how the child heard what I did say and translated it into "why don't you save up your money for a year so you have enough cash to import three lizards the size of baby alligators into our household").

ANYWAY, for the last 5 weeks we have been providing salad and shelter to said overgrown reptiles, the largest of which is T-Rex, who is about the length of my arm (including the tail, which is about half his body and he uses like a whip whenever I come near him, just in case I missed the underlying hostility in the concurrent back-arching and hissing -- he's like a pissed-off cat who thinks he's Indiana Jones). Now, I admit that when T-Rex first arrived in the house I make some sarcastic comment in his earshot about what a fantastic handbag he would make, but that was 5 weeks and a hundred heads of arugula ago, and by now it seems like he should have gotten over it, especially since the other two (Godzilla and Geico) now adore me and wish to shower me daily with lizard love (who knew iguanas could be cuddly? the smaller two are essentially really ugly lap dogs!)

So our creepy-crawlies have been pulling the old good lizard/bad lizard routine (they must have watched too many cop shows in their last home).

And I've spent the last 5 weeks wondering how I got to a place in my life where I'm doing things like putting Mozart on the stereo when I go out because the lizards don't like being left alone, or wondering if the iguanas would like dandelion greens with their spinach today, and saying things like "did you take Godzilla out for a walk yet" and "awww, who's the best lizard?"

But T-Rex continues to loathe me - and, admittedly, pretty much everyone else, so THE PRINCESS has abdicated his care on the grounds that she can't handle him. I can't even argue this, since he is clearly a seething, scaly ball of towering reptile rage (and we've asked around, but shockingly no one seems to be willing to take a psychotic 20 pound iguana off our hands).

Will hates ALL reptiles, even the cuddly vegetarian variety, so I've been the one taking care of T-Rex.

(Art by Chris Achilleos)

And yesterday the vicious brat finally managed to bite me (the fact that it hasn't happened sooner has certainly not been for lack of trying on his part), chomping down as hard as he could on my right thumb AND THEN REFUSING TO LET GO!!!! I let out a blood-curdling scream and THE PRINCESS comes running in, gets a load of my hand spurting blood around the jaws of an enormous hostile lizard, and promptly goes into a fit of hysterics. I finally got T-Rex to release my hand by kicking him in the rump, and there's blood EVERYWHERE, and I've got a deep bite wound that is clearly going to need stitches.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: if you are ever badly bitten by a psychotic 20 pound iguana and need to go to the hospital for stitches, here are some valuable tips:
1. DO NOT ask your hysterical thirteen-year-old daughter to telephone your husband so he can come pick you up and drive you to the hospital. She will make it sound as if you have lost limbs, and before you know it, you will be trying to slow your bleeding while simultaneously dealing with a hyper-ventilating teenager, a hysterical secretary, and a husband on the verge of alerting homeland security.

2. Once you arrive at the hospital, DO NOT assume that you will be able to get away with just saying that you've been bitten; EVERYONE will immediately ask what bit you. On the bright side, it is kind of amusing to see just how many nurses will attempt to respond to the reply "an enormous homicidal iguana" as if they hear this exact response every single day.

3. Unlike nurses, doctors will not pretend the ER treats iguana bites on a regular basis. Quite the opposite; be prepared for a quick visit from every single doctor on the floor, as one by one they decided to pop in just to make sure the previous doctor wasn't just yanking their chain about having an iguana-bite patient.

4. Accept that at least four of them will sing the verse from "Mexican Radio" that goes "I wish I was in Tijuana/eating barbecued iguana."

5. If you (like someone else we know) are a world-class smart-ass and therefore you encourage your singing medics by making lizard jokes yourself, you are running the risk of one of them handing you AN ACTUAL RECIPE FOR BARBECUED IGUANA they have printed off the internet with your discharge papers when you leave.

AND if you think this kind of thing ONLY HAPPENS TO ME:

This month's challenge at "Awfully Big Art Adventure" is "Story in a Box." Here's my entry,
"The Royal Rooster Napoleahen":

I want to encourage you all to post an entry in this month's contest, because they don't get enough digital art pieces and I'm trying to drag them into the 21st century. In any case, go and check out the gorgeous hand-made craft items that most of the other artists enter! They get EVERYTHING - altered art, beading & embroidery, jewelry... there's even one lady who specializes in designing cake toppers!!!! Check them out HERE:


Part Four of "Accidentally Art" is a set of background papers, suitable for altered art and/or scrapbooking. You'll get 12 patterned and completely lizard-free papers in the classic 12x12 size, in a rainbow of colors, 300 dpi. You can snag them here:

My right hand is in a cumbersome splinted bandage, which will slow my designing down a bit; but bear with me, I'll be back with more goodies soon. In the meantime, I have to find a new home for the psychotic 20-pound iguana...

...or at least someone who is into really exotic cooking...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunday Postcard Art & "Accidentally Art" FREEBIE Part Three

This week the challange at Sunday Postcard was "Nursery Rhymes." Except I'm once again caught short by the fact that the theme changes the day BEFORE it's supposed to change, so I'm too late to officially post my entry,
"Hey Diddle Diddle":

The thing is, I CHECKED the site before I made this piece, and it was still "Nursery Rhymes" THEN. But by the time I had completed the piece and went to post it (two hours later), the theme had been changed to "Glamor Girls."

Oh well, I HATE posting artwork in that 6x4 size they ask for anyway. Being the obnoxious wench I am, I was just going to ignore the rules and enter my 12x12... I guess they showed me!


Part Three of "Accidentally Art" is "Fairies, Floozies and Far-out Feathered Folks." There's 15 images all together; some are hand-colored vintage photos, some are hand-colored and embellished vintage photos, and some are weird assemblages I've cobbled together for you from stock photographs, CGI, and vintage illustrations... including, as shown here, my personal creation "Napoleahen."
(Yeah, it's an old "Pam Jam" joke.)
You can grab all my freaky little friends HERE:

COME BACK SOON, I've still got backgrounds to give away. Hugs!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Three Muses & "Accidentally Art" FREEBIE Part Two

I apologize for my tardiness; as I'm such an airhead one might assume that I've applied an unusually loose definition to the term "tomorrow", but (at least this time) I am late due to computer issues. Happily they are resolved, and I can post again!
This week's challenge over at the Three Muses is "Hats." It was a real challenge, because I'm extraordinarily fond of hats - including the digital variety, as I had A LOT of different images I could have run with for this one! Here's what I came up with,
"Harriet's Hats":

To check out the other entries (and there's always some VERY COOL artwork over at Three Muses), or to post one yourself, go HERE:

And to make posting in this week's challenge that much easier, I'm giving you ALL...

HATS! Lots and lots of HATS...

...not to mention crowns.

"Accidentally Art" Part Two is a collection of 30 hats and crowns, all isolated .png files at 300 dpi. You can download them HERE:

TOMORROW (at least barring a recurrence of Internet failure!), I will have Part Three for you:

"Fairies, Floozies, and Freaky Feathered Folks."

Monday, August 10, 2009

One Powerful Hour Challenge & FREE "Accidentally Art" Kit

The Challenge this week at "One Powerful Hour" is "Dolls." I had some STRANGE stock photos taken from Parisian Department store windows (I used six or seven diffrent source photos to create this image) and I've been having lots of fun with them!
So here's my (seriously weird) entry,
"Mannequin Queen":

To check out the other entries (or to post one yourself), go HERE:

And now for your freebie!

PART ONE of "Accidentally Art" is a set of ten isolated, hand-tinted vintage photographs of children. They are .PNG files, all at least 4 inches tall and 300 dpi. You can snag them FREE here:

Come back tomorrow for Part Two!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Three Muses & "August Elegance" Freebie Part Two

This week's theme at The Three Muses Challenge is "Art in the Round", which for some reason keeps getting that old song stuck in my head, the one that goes: "For every season, turn, turn, turn / there is a reason, turn, turn, turn..."
...and THEN my (decidedly odd) brain jumps to the old black-and-white intro to Rod Sterling's "The Twilight Zone." I CANNOT EXPLAIN THAT, but hey, by now you all know that I'm a few bricks shy of a chimney, right?

ANYWAY, here's my entry,
"Circular Logic": To check out the other entries (there are some seriously cool artists who post over at the Three Muses!), or to post one yourself, go HERE:

And now for your freebie!

Here is the link for the ELEMENTS:

To snag the papers (if you haven't already), please scroll down to the next post.

ATTENTION ALTERED ART FOLKS: Come back tomorrow, for part one of my next FREE kit,

"Accidently Art."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thank God It's Friday (Take Two!) & FREE "August Elegance" Kit

This week's Challenge at "Thank God It's Friday" is "PENS AND BRUSHES." Or, at least it was 5 minutes ago.... but NOW? Who knows? They could be scrambling to change it to something completely unrelated as I type (not that I'm still upset about missing the deadline yesterday, or anything.)
ANYWAY, here is my entry, a freaky bit of photomanipulation I call

To see the other entries (or to post one yourself), visit the site HERE:

PS: Don't freak out when you see that the first paragraph is in German! Just scroll down for the English translation.
(This may be how I ran into trouble posting yesterday afternoon - I'm not sure what the time difference is exactly, but I think they're ahead of us here in the Berkshires by a good 6 or 7 hours at least, so it may have been just after midnight in Germany. Damn, I guess they take their deadlines SERIOUSLY.)

And now for your freebies!

The sharp-eyed amoungst you will recognize KimB's DSO Color Challenge pallette, used here to create "August Elegance." Today you get the papers - 13 patterned papers and 9 lightly textured solids, 22 in all. Tomorrow you'll be able to download the elements. Here are the download links for the papers:
Come back tomorrow for the elements, and hopefully a new peice of artwork too. Hugs!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday is TOO LATE to Post for "Thank God It's Friday"?!?!

I noted yesterday that the "Thank God It's Friday" Challenge this week was "Tears." So I made this,
"A Mermaid's Tears":

However, now that I'm ready to post it, it seemes that THURSDAY is too late to post an entry for "Thank God It's FRIDAY." So my art is stranded! The irony is enough to bring tears to your eyes...

ANYWAY, mITSYBELLE has a new kit out yet again, and I used some of the papers to make the sea and the sky in "A Mermaid's Tears", as well as the text box. Here's a better look at the kit, which is called "The Moody Blues."

The kit comes with 15 papers and 42 beautiful elements: beads, bows, brads, and even a metal bird! There's two diffrent lace frames, and a great assortment of flowers.

Here two more layouts I made using this wonderful and very versitile kit:

"Summer Schedule"

"The Princess"

You can purchase "The Moody Blues" in mITSYBELLE's SAS store:

MY new kit is almost done... yikes, it's HUGE.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New mITSYBELLE Kit PLUS Free Kit With Purchase

mITSYBELLE has a fabulous new kit out in her store this week! It's called "A Radiant Glow."

The kit comes with a full Alpha (upper and lower case, numbers and symbols), 12 gorgeous papers in rich browns and golds, and 43 elements that include some glitter and metalic shimmer to go with the bows, flowers, and scrolls. Here are a couple of layouts I made with this beautiful kit:

This week, "A Radiant Glow" is on sale for 30% off... PLUS there's a gift with purchase! If you get there by August 7th, you can get this kit with any $5.00 purchase at SAS:

Regularly, "For the Boys" sells for $5 itself. There's 12 papers and 37 elements, as well as an uppercase alpha. It's got a fun, whimsical feel to it and contrasts well with the elegance of "A Radiant Glow." Here are a couple of layouts I made with the kit:

The link to purchase "A Radiant Glow" is HERE:

And you can pick up the free-with-purchase kit from now to August 7th HERE:
More FREEBIES soon - hugs for now!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday Post Card Art

This week's challenge at Sunday Post Card Art is "BINGO." For a change, I actually followed the guidelines on size... but I'm not crazy about working with the 4x6 canvas, I think everyone will just have to put up with my usual 12x12's in the future. In the meantime, clicking on the teeny-tiny little piece of art that results from posting a 4x6 will bring up a (very little bit) larger view. Here is my entry,
"Demon Gambling":

To view the other entries (or to post one yourself), go to the Challenge site:

I'm still waiting on the grade for my Art History final to see if I've kept my 4.0; but I've been working on the celebratory freebies, and they should be on-line SOON!