Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Three Muses Challenge

This week's challenge at Three Muses is
"Inspirational People."

When I was a kid, the two people I admired the most were Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin. (Hmm, now that I think about it, that explains A WHOLE LOT...)

The upper text is a quote from Einstein, dismissing the whole "Chaos Theory" of cosmic design by random chance; the lower addendum comes from some snarky red-headed artist (whose household, by the way, is still plagued with an infestation of enormous lizards).

To check out the other entries (or to post one yourself!), go to:


  1. very funny, indeed. And I don;t know if i would call you SNARKY lol

  2. Oh wow this is toooooo wonderful. PLEASE go across to the Muses and leave a link there, there are so many other artists who would love to see and comment on this.

  3. Oh, smile, chuckle, this is wondrous, Tammara. I love your sense of humor and admire your talent. Like Taluula, I wish you'd link to share it with out other blog artists. They are missing so much! (Sorry about the giant lizards....YUK)

  4. This is fabulous and made me laugh out loud this morning! Albert is my sweetie:) Love, Jamie

  5. Awesome work! Inspiration with a sense of humor - LOVE it! Hugs, Terri

  6. Thanks Tammara for persisting. I find I can't leave a link on any blog so I just leave a comment saying my entry can be seen on my blog and people come along to look. Might be because I use Firefox who knows. So if you can't link just leave a comment and we'll be able to come see.

    Once again just have to tell you your work is impressive.