Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Three Muses Challenge

This week's challenge at Three Muses is
"Inspirational People."

When I was a kid, the two people I admired the most were Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin. (Hmm, now that I think about it, that explains A WHOLE LOT...)

The upper text is a quote from Einstein, dismissing the whole "Chaos Theory" of cosmic design by random chance; the lower addendum comes from some snarky red-headed artist (whose household, by the way, is still plagued with an infestation of enormous lizards).

To check out the other entries (or to post one yourself!), go to:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday Postcard Art & A Deco Garden Freebie Part Two

This week's challenge at Sunday Postcard Art is "Fashion." Here is my entry,
"Not Your Average Blonde":

To check out the other entries (or to post one yourself!), go to:


"A Deco Garden" comes with 29 elements, only a few of which are shown here; there's also more scrolls, text boxes, borders, ribbons, flowers and frames. You can download the whole kaboodle here:

If you don't have the papers yet, please scroll down to the previous entry to download them too.

I'm awaiting the results of my finals to get my final grades for the summer session; I'm pretty well on track to maintain my 4.0 another semester. When that's official (the grades should come out by the end of the week), we will have to celebrate with another round of freebies!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Three Muses Challenge & MORE FREEBIES

The challenge this week at Three Muses is "Incredible Journey." So here's the bit of weirdness I cooked up for them - it's called
"With the Wind in Your Knickers":

To see the other entries, or to post one yourself, go here:


Here's Part One of your Freebie!

"A Deco Garden" has 18 papers in all - 8 patterned papers, 6 solids and 4 lace papers. THe papers you get today; the elements will be posted next, along with whatever new artwork I might happen to have made between now and then... which will doubtlessly be as weird as all the previous offerings, but hey, we've all figured out that I'm seriously twisted by now.
So, be sure to come back tomorrow for Part Two! Hugs!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sunday Postcard Art & FREE AT LAST Freebies Part Two

This week, the challenge at Sunday Postcard Art is "Vintage Children." Here's my entry, called
"A Bright Idea":

Note the little girl with the lizard; SOMEONE thought it would be a good idea to encourage THE PRINCESS to save up her cash (not to mention giving her extra chores so she could sweeten the pot that much more) with the blythe statement: "you can spend your own money on any dumb thing you please."

The idea was that her costume jewelry and her Modest Mouse CDs should be paid for out of HER wallet (as opposed to mine). REPEAT AFTER ME: "It Seemed Like a Bright Idea at the Time!"

SOOOOO she doesn't spend so much as a penny for a year, and then blows her giant pile of cash on a trio of iguanas she found on Craig's List.

(Little known fact: people desperate to rid themselves of a trio of iguanas on the internet apparently will deliver said iguanas to your doorstep.)

One of them is as big as a cat, and he has decided to loathe me with a seething passion (and this might - just MIGHT - be my fault; he may have taken offense to my comment, carelessly made in his earshot, that he would make a really nice purse. Who knew lizards were so sensitive?).

To check out the other Sunday Postcard entries (or to post one yourself!), go HERE:

AND NOW, here are your freebies!!!!

There's 18 elements in all, not all of them shown here (more bows, more frames, more roses, another text box). You can snag them FREE here:

If you haven't picked up the matching papers yet, please scroll down to the bottom of the next post to get thoose, too. And be sure to come back Sunday (not tomorrow, because it's my wedding anniversary, and my fabulous husband is taking me out for the day somewhere quiet, romantic, and lizard-free), when I should have more foolishness to share with you. Hugs!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Oh Thank God, summer school is finally over! Those 2 classes were SO intense (during the summer session, they basically shove a 16-week class into an 8-week time period) I wasn't sure I was going to make it. I took my final exams yesterday (yes, of course BOTH of them were on the same day, that's just the way things work for me), and now I have five glorious weeks of freedom before the fall session begins. SO WE ARE GOING TO CELEBRATE - and what better way to celebrate freedom than with freebies?!?!?
HOWEVER, first a word from our sponsors...

Yes, mITSYBELLE has a new kit in her stores! It's called "My Jessica," after mITSYBELLE's daughter (who is almost certainly another princess... just don't tell mine, because as far as Her Royal Blondness is concerned,
there can be only one princess!

"My Jessica": has 15 pastel papers and 50 elements, including beads, brads, bows, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Here's some layouts I made using this cool kit:

"Mister Sun"

"Her Royal Blondness"

Another actual recent photo of THE PRINCESS, who has now magnaminously consented to be photographed TWICE this calendar year.

(Hmm, she must want something big for Christmas.)

"You LEAF Me Breathless"

One of my favorite photos of THE PRINCESS in her younger years (before I had to negotiate with her agent prior to taking her picture).

and finally, "Fairy Princess Rule"

(Altered Art folks, take note of the fairy I made here... I'm looking into my crystal ball here, and I see fairies in your immediate future...)

You can purchase "My Jessica" for $3.50 this week (30% off the $5.00 price) HERE:

Part One of "Divine Deco" - you can snag them FREE here:

Come back tomorrow for the elements, and probably more
weird art and snarky stories, too.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sunday Postcard Art

This week's "Sunday Postcard Art" challene theme is nests. Here's my entry - I call it
"Nesting Habits":

You can check out the other entries (oh man, there are a few artists there whose weirdness is a serious challenge to my own) here:

OK, OK, back to the homework.... the problem with writing a term paper is the word processing program is on the computer... and THAT'S WHERE ALL MY TOYS ARE.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

mITSYBELLE's Blog Party, Birthday Kit, and FREEBIE

I know I said I'd be absent from the blogosphere this week, but I must have been smoking crack (or enrolled in American Lit, which seems to be equally mind-altering) or something when I wrote that, because I totally spaced on the fact that I agreed to be part of a blog-hop this week.
To celebrate the one-year anniversary of her designing career, the very talented mITSYBELLE is having a week-long blog party!
There will be daily give-aways on her blog (her freebies are only up for 24 hours, so be quick!) games and other assorted fun stuff. She has designed a celebratory "Birthday" kit that goes into her SAS store today:

"Birthday" has 18 patterned & textured papers and 63 very cool elements (ALTERED ART FOLKS: take note of the silly hats, balloons and party whitles!) that includes the "Happy Birthday" word art, along with candles, flowers, ribbons & bows, and a cool assortment of frames. Here are some layouts I made using "Birthday":

And of course you don't HAVE to make birthday-themed layouts; there's plenty of good stuff in this kit to work with, and lots of small, non-birthday moments to celebrate:

You can purchase "Birthday" for $3.00 (40% off!) this week as part of mITSYBELLE's blogpart festivities. It's available HERE:

Two QP's I designed using mITSYBELLE's "Birthday" kit. You can snag them HERE:

Here's the entire blog-hop list; go freebie-gathering!

Diana -
Tammara -
Carmen -
Sara -
Jean Ann -
Misty -
Tammy -
Kay -

(And now I have to get back to the books... I'm &%$#@! drowning in homework this week! YIKES!!!!)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Three Muses Challenge, New mITSYBELLE kit, & Last PAM JAM Freebie!!!

This week's challenge at "Three Muses" is UP, UP AND AWAY! This is the little bit of weirdness I cooked up to send their way; it's called "Joe's Garage":

You can check out what other artists made for the challenge (or submit one yourself!) at:

SECONDLY, the very talented mITSYBELLE has a new kit in her store: "In the Den", which features 12 papers in shades of blue, gold, brown and off-white, and 42 beautiful elements ranging from scrolls and flowers to lace, an assortment of frames, and flowers.

Altered Art aficionados take note: the kit ALSO contains an antique globe, a jeweled magnifying glass and matching letter opener, and a really cool antique compass. Here are some layouts I made using "In the Den", all featuring the amazing Sunny, who TAKES HER OWN PICTURES (yes, including the gorgeous Bahamian wedding shots!!!)

Right now, "In the Den" is 30% off, and you can purchase it for a mere $3.15 here:


The final installment of PAM JAM: "Odds and Ends" (with the opperative word being ODD). You're getting a melange of elements, old photos, ephemera, and backgrounds. There's weirdness galore! There's an old Victorian encyclopedia image of bats, an antique diving helmet, a few old audio appliances, a pair of fangs, more silly hats... even a flying pig! You can snag it HERE:
SO... now I have to hit the books hard this week. I've got a paper on "Death of a Salesmen" due Tuesday, an exam on Byzantine Art on Thursday, and a term paper on 20th Century Modernism in American Literature due next Monday. YIKES!!!!!!

It's most likely I will be absent from the blogosphere that week. But here's the deal: leave me a URL for anything you create with PAM JAM this next week (if you don't have your own blog, you can upload it to photobucket and send me that URL) in this post's "COMMENTS" section. When I come back, I'll put them up on my blog. Show me YOUR weirdness!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm LATE!!!

Where did yesterday go???? All the kids were here (and the granddaughter) and so I wound up spending the entire time dispensing food and justice (the oldest two are 24 and 21; as far as I am concerned, THEY OUGHT TO BE OLD ENOUGH BY NOW to stop with the "Mom, he's touching me" crap!!!). If they could only behave as well as they can eat...
They took off late, leaning me with a big mess to clean up, and plotting:"Mom's Revenge"
ANYWAY... here's Part Five of "PAM JAM": two downloads of pure unadulterated weirdness, from old anatomical drawings to running chickens, from pewter frogs to tarot cards to the hand with a pocket-watch at the top of the post... and Napoleon, for no good reason at all. (If you find a good use for him, you HAVE to share a link with us, ESPECIALLY if it also involves the chicken.)

You can snag them all HERE:

TOMORROW: You Can't Throw a Party Without Having Leftovers

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Zazzle Sale & Pam Jam FREEBIE Part Four

This weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) is Zazzle's 4th of July Sale. All T-shirts (and, presumably due to some glitch in their graphics department, apparently all their ads too) are 17.76% off.

(Yeah, the cut-off ad is a little strange, but I'm pretty sure they'll send you the ENTIRE shirt.)

Use the code ZAZZLEUSAUSA at checkout, and you can take the discount on ANY of my T-shirts - including "A Patriotic Lass":


You have wings and hats, and people to stick them on; but we can't leave them all dressed up with no place to go! Even a goddess, like the one here in "Viva La Vida", needs a background!


Fifteen assorted background papers, ranging in colors and weirdness (check out "Uzi Romance"!)
Yeah, I KNOW some of them are a bit bizarre, but hey, a sick and twisted mind is a terrible thing to waste! (BESIDES, thanks to my Art History and American Lit classes, this week I'm trying to cram Early Byzantine Christian Art and Aurthur Miller's Death of a Salesman" into my head at the same time!!!)
ANYWAY, you can snag them (in three downloads) HERE:
TOMORROW: Odd-ball Elements & an Assortment of Strange Ephemera

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pam Jam FREEBIES Part Three - Vintage Cuties, Weirdos & Trouble-makers

Now that you have downloaded a collection of silly hats and a wide selection of wings, you need people to decorate! Of course, it's perfectly acceptable to decorate your own family photos, as I've done with this (older) photo of THE PRINCESS:

But you're probably going to want to use vintage photos for your altered art pieces - if for no other reson than because the people in them have gone to their heavenly rewards, and so they won't get upset with you for dressing them up in silly hats, wings, tutus (or sticking their heads on chickens...). So here's a good collection to get you started - 35 copy-right free vintage photos, most of them high-resolution TIFF files. You can snag them HERE:

Tomorrow: Part Four, Backgrounds.