Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Give Me WINGS!!!

Welcome back for Part Two of "Pam's Jam!" Today everyone is getting wings, just like this shy fairy
"In the Bee-Loud Glen". (sorry about the obscure Literary reference)
Once you have silly hats, you've got to have wings to go with them, right? So here they are, fifteen pairs in all - butterfly wings, angel wings, fairy wings, even a pair of bat wings!

You can snag them HERE:


Tomorrow we'll have Part Three, because now you'll be needing people to decorate with wings and hats, right?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Postcard Art & Part One of "Pam Jam" Freebies

This week's theme at Sunday Postcard Art is "The 4th of July"; my (slightly naughty) entry is "A Patriotic Lass":

I've got this one for sale on T-shirts at my Zazzle store, sizes XS - XXL. If you hurry, the shipping is free (but I think there's only one more day of that, so SCURRY! You can buy a "Patriotic Lass" T-shirt (plus other stuff, including "Pixel Music" coffee cups!) here: http://www.zazzle.com/a_patriotic_lass_t_shirt-235134609339702432

AND NOW FOR PART ONE OF MY FREE SIX-PART "Altered Art Style" KIT: "Pam's Jam"!

This was a real challenge to put together, because you never know what you're going to need to make a good altered art piece. I always start with an old photo; I look at the face and the photo tells me what it wants to become. Sometimes that takes a lot of pieces to achieve, like here in "The Finest Witch in the Henhouse":
But other times it only takes a few pieces, if they're the right ones. Like here, in "King of the Fools":
One thing seems certain - you can never go wrong with silly hats. So without further ado, I present Part One of "Pam's Jam": The Silly Hat Collection.

You'll get 4 crowns, 3 witchy hats, and another 4 assorted pointy hats in various colors and degrees of wackiness. You can snag them here:

Come back tomorrow for Part Two: The "Give Me Wings" Collection.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Alphabet Tree & Dragonfly Summer Elements

This week's theme over at Thank God It's Friday is "Alphabets," and here's my entry, "Alphabet Tree": You can check out everyone else's "letter" art at http://thankgoditsfriday.wordpress.com/

Here's Part Two of "Dragonfly Summer". You can snag it here:

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let the FREEBIES commence!

Oh thank God, midterms are over! I have once again managed to get through yet another grading period with my 4.0 intact, and we are CELEBRATING!!!

"Dragonfly Summer" has a total of thirteen papers (the ones not shown are the soilds). The sharp-eyed among you recognize the palette as the fantastic KimB's color challenge at DSO (check it out for lots more freebies! And if you submit a layout made with this kit (or any one of the others you can pick up there for free), you'll get a terrific posting bonus from KimB).

You can pick it up HERE:http://www.4shared.com/file/114489585/93ea6aef/Dragonfly_Summer_PAPERS.html
The elements for "Dragonfly Summer" will go up at some point tomorrow. And Monday will be the inauguration of (as Monty Python says) "something completely different". A while back, Pam suggested an "altered art" kit, and I must admit that at first I was stumped at how to put together such a kitchen-sink kind of kit (I've mostly been a scrapper, the weird stuff is recent, and I'm new to my "cross-over artist" status). But I've whipped up something that should please both my scrappers and my less-traditional digital art afficianados. So come back soon!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Theme Thursday

This week's "Theme Thursday" challenge is TIME, so it took me about two seconds to decide to enter "Strawberry Fields Forever". If you're unfamiliar with them, you chan check out the "Theme Thursday" people here:

My Gardening Angel

Isn't she cute? Too bad she isn't keeping the rabbits from eating my tomato plants...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Due to complicated (but non-squirrel-related) computer issues, I have been unable to download mITSYBELLE's kits for a while, which (as you can imagine) really put a crimp in my CT duties. But I've now resolved the issue, so I'm playing catch-up... here are FOUR NEW KITS from the very talented mITSYBELLE! The first is the versatile and very beautiful "Cool of the Day."
Here are a couple of layouts I made with it; the first is called "Young Love":

And this is a photo Cynthia B. took of her adorable granddaughter (and favorite model) Abbie:

The next kit is "A Citrus Summer," which has a summery, little more playful tone. There are 12 lucious juicy papers and 42 wonderful elements done in gorgeous fruity colors:

And here is a layout I did using this fantastic kit; it's THE PRINCESS, around age 3, who (shockingly) has never responded well to not getting her own way... it's sad, really, when you rule the world but your parents are just too thick to comprehend the fact. Poor kid.

Next up is "Nothing Sweet", a really lovely kit with 11 papers and 42 elements, and a more masculine slant to it:

Here are a couple of layouts I made with this great kit; I call the first one "Another Reason My Son is Afraid to Bring His Girlfriend Home to Meet Us":
Yep, at age 21 my oldest son Alex is Mr. Cool NOW, but I know (and took pictures of) some of the more embarrasing moments of his earlier life. Same goes for my oldest daughter, Katrina, who was a SERIOUS tom-boy growing up:
Gee, I'd be in trouble, except for the fact that none of my kids could be bothered to look at their mother's blog... ha-ha, you'd think they'd know me better by now than to leave me alone and unmonitored with an audience!!!

ANYWAY, The next kit is the newest one (so it's on sale, at 30% off!). It's called "In the Field," and it's seriously cool, with 10 papers and 32 elements, including lots of garden-oriented elements (lots of grass and flowers, a cute wooden birdhouse wrapped in ivy, a wishing well, some gardening tools, and a rustic wooden fence).

Here are a couple of layouts I made using this wonderful kit; the first is "Flower Children Grown Here:"

And the second is THE PRINCESS again, once at age 4 and again this last March. Still blonde, still crazy for shoes, still rules the world... I admit, the ubiquitous i-Pod is a new appendage, but basically it's the same kid. Although, for SOME UNKOWN REASON, she has turned into a first-class smartass. Hmmm, I wonder where THAT came from...?

As usual, you can purchase any or all of these stunning kits at mITSYBELLE's SAS store:

ART HISTORY EXAM TOMORROW - to be followed by a rash of "I survived mid-terms!" freebies! So come back soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Collage or Not To Collage...

This one is "Prufrock's Love Song," another entry in my "What-the-hell-is-she-reading-now?" collection. (Click on the image for the full-sized version.) The good news is that Greek architecture has complimented Early 20th Century American Poetry strangely well (although whatever you do, DON'T try it with Dave Matthews on the stereo... holy cow, that produced some of the weirdest dreams I've ever had THAT night); the bad news is that I'm SUPPOSED to be writing my midterm paper right now but instead I've been playing around in Photoshop all morning (again).

ENG LIT MIDTERM PAPER is due Saturday; ART HISTORY MIDTERM EXAM is Monday. Then we will celebrate the mid-way point of summer school with another Four Days of Freebies! (Well, at least something like that. You all remember that I can't count, right?)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Only One Peacock

Hey, you think THIS is weird, you ought to read the English Lit paper I just wrote...

I've entered in in the Monday Mixed Media Challenge - this week, the challenge is "Tell Me a Story." Go check it out: http://mixedmediamonday.wordpress.com/

Let me get through my mid-term exams next week, and there will be more freebies to celebrate.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunday Postcard Art

The challenge this week was "Vintage Bathing Beauties," and I took a less traditional approach here in "Trident's Daughter."

Friday, June 5, 2009

I Think I'm Going Through A Phase....

I’ve adjusted to the rhythm of my on-line classes, even though they’ve turned out to be incredibly intense, crushing a 16-week course into 8 weeks – do not pass go, do not collect $200, no time off for good behavior. What I have not yet adjusted to is the weird amalgamation of stuff I’m shoving into my brain this semester; it’s not anyone’s fault, you understand, it’s just the way this particular combination of courses works out.

THIS WEEK’S MAD INTELLECTUAL HODGEPODGE: The lit class alone was a weird mix this week; we were asked to read Gillman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”, which is one of the quintessential pieces of that odd sub-genre of “high-strung feminist” (think Virginia Wolfe and Silvia Plath, the whole “male-dominance-is-giving-me-a-nervous-breakdown” thing... if you saw the film "The Hours", that pretty much covers it) AND Jack London’s “How To Build a Fire” (very good, and not as chest-beating as “Tarzan of the Apes”, but certainly London was a big fat hairy deal in the machismo-at-one-with-nature set). Add to that my Art History assignment – Egyptian Tomb Art – and throw on “Abbey Road” in the background for no good reason at all (but hey, it’s not like SOMETHING ELSE would have mixed any better!!!!), and… well, here’s the result.





and, finally:

(some vintage images used thanks to The Graphics Fairy)

NEXT WEEK'S MENTAL GUMBO: T.S. Elliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and unspecified poems from Ezra Pound and e.e.cummings in English Lit, combined with Aegean & Greek Art. Let's take a vote: shall I throw Coldplay's "Viva La Vida", Pink Floyd 's "Dark Side of the Moon", or the Beatle's "Sgt. Pepper" on the stereo while I study? Or perhaps you have a write-in vote?
In any case, I'm working on a new kit, it should be posted shortly. I'll try to curb my current weirdness... but no promises. You may be stuck with this until the first week in August, after my classes end... sorry.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Boo's Back! FREEBIE

I'm going to breathe a huge sigh of relief, because I posted my Pre-Renaissance Art History quiz yesterday afternoon, and that left me free to finish reading the Mark Twain assignment by itself. I made the terrible error of trying to switch back and forth between my reading assignments last week, and the combination of Mesopotamian cave paintings and Huck Finn totally blew my mind! Or at least, that's my only explaination for the weird turn my artwork suddenly took...

(From now on, we will focus on one class at a time...I can only imagine the horror of combining 12th Century Russian Religious Icons with James Joyce.)

I finished my Lit reading this morning, and I have to scurry through this post because I still have to write my paper on Mark Twain and post THAT this afternoon by 5:30... So I've got 6 hours and change, and I'm spending the change on getting this up for you all! (A brief break from school-work spent desiging will improve my paper by getting my creativity going. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

SO HERE IT IS!!!! It's a free mini-kit I made for the May Color Challenge at SAS. Those of you who hang out on the forums over at SAS know that the Color Challenge is run by the VERY TALENTED Boo, and it's been on hiatus for a couple of months because poor Boo had MAJOR computer problems (do you think it might have been the squirrels again? or are British squirrels better behaved?) So the kit is appropriately named "Boo's Back! Celebration."

I didn't make a full preview sheet due to the aforementioned (and hopefully temporary) literature-induced brain damage (as opposed to my usual cerebral shortcomings). But you'll get a peek at more of the pieces in the layouts I made with the kit. The first one is an old photo of my daughter Katrina:

And this one uses a photo taken by Cynthia B. of her adorable granddaughter Abbie:

There's a few more pieces too, but I have to go write that paper on Huck Finn so you're just going to have to wait and see them after you've downloaded them, which you can do HERE:



hugs! see you soon!