Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And On The Seventh Day...

...which was technically yesterday, but yesterday was blown to hell by a plethora of computer issues which made me realize just how much a laptop resembles a frisbee...
ANYWAY, today's freebies are because we are celebrating what is perhaps my greatest achievement of all... surviving THE PRINCESS's 13th birthday.This is her, in all her glory. (layout uses Kristi's "French Romance" kit, available at SAS)

She is best summed up by a line Veronica delivers on the poorly named but hysterically funny show "Better Off Ted": "As an adolescent, I too was an outsider, misunderstood by my peers because of my superior brains and my stunning beauty... it was a bleak and lonely time, and if it hadn't been for all the modeling contracts I don't know how I would have survived it."

In other words, the child does not have any self esteem issues. Of course, she's always been blonde and beautiful, even in her younger years (layout uses mITSYBELLE's "Dreamy Summer" kit, also available at SAS):

Fortunately, she has thus far eschewed all boys on the grounds (and I quote) "none of them are good enough." But I have told her that she needs to give me AT LEAST a month's warning before she starts dating so I can make sure my husband has enough life insurance. Poor Will breaks out in hives just at the thought of her high school years.

Here's another recent photo, taken on one of the rare occasions that we can disconnect her from both the internet and her iPod; of course, the technology does not yet exist that can remove the snarky expression from a teenager's face, let alone provide me with a sarcasm filter (yes, she's a real smart ass, hmmm, wonder where she got THAT from?????) so I can occasionally have a normal conversation with her. (Layout uses mITSYBELLE's "Bejeweled Harmony" kit, available at SAS)

SO, while I have my doubts that I'll make it through to her adulthood, I HAVE made it this far. To celebrate, I have this for you today:

Two bonus Quick Pages, one from "Bohemian Rhapsody" and one from "Funky Victorian Summer" (both kits are still available FREE, if you haven't snagged them yet just keep on scrolling down for the links). PLUS, I threw in a bonus cluster frame for "Funky Victorian Summer" for no good reason at all, so enjoy.
Here's a better look at the QP's:

You can download them FREE here:
And you can purchase any of the three kits by the other designers that I mentioned earlier in the post HERE:
Hugs! See you soon!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day Six in the Increasingly Poorly Named FOUR DAYS OF FREEBIES

Today we are celebrating the fact that another of my layouts was chosen as LOTM over at K-JOI Studios! Here is the winning layout for the month of May:

You know how this works - I win an award, and EVERYONE gets a prize! So, without further fuss, here are the papers for "Funky Victorian Summer":

You can snag them HERE:

Hugs, and come back tomorrow for some final gifts!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day Five of FOUR DAYS OF FREEBIES (But Isn't Counting Overrated?)

Today's celebration is in honor of the fact that I won a year's worth of PU products over at SAS by not actually winning the web site make-over contest. The very talented Sehrah of SK Designs designed the web page that was finally chosen as the winning design, but apparently two of my designs were second and third, and the vote between the three was SO close that it had to be taken three times before a winner was declared. Because Sehrah is a designer at SAS they decided to award her a larger commision for the year instead of the Year of Free PU Products, which they then agreed to give to me for almost winning.

I would like to point out that Sehrah herself was classy and gracious enough to PM me with the details of that outcome herself; also, Toiny of SAS showed herself once again to be one smart cookie by coming up with a win-win solution. I am particularly honored that she chose to recognize my entries because there wasn't supposed to be a prize for second place. So a big hand to those very classy ladies.

Speaking of which, the contest for a CT position at SAS is still being voted upon, and while I would never stoop to pandering to the judges......

AND NOW FOR YOUR FREEBIE: So, seeing as I have won virtually unlimited free stuff for the next year, it seems only fair to throw some of my own designs back into the "free stuff" well - it's just plain good kharma, right? Here's part two of "Funky Victorian Summer":

And you can snag it HERE:

hugs, and come back tomorrow for the papers!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I have more girfts for you! Eventually, you're going to get the kit I made that I used to make this layout ("A Boy and His Duck")... but first, before I get to today's celebration, I'm going to rant a bit.

HERE'S THE RANT: in the interest of fairness, I must admit to you all that yesterday, IMMEDIATELY after posting here on the blog about my 4.0 and trumpeting on about how smart I am, I drove to the grocery store and promptly locked my keys in my car. I didn't even realize I had done this until AFTER I browsed through the clothes store and then traipsed across the strip mall to PriceChopper and bought my groceries; I also didn't leave them in the ignition, so after turning my purse upside-down looking for the keys I checked the car (BUT REALLY, ONLY THE IGNITION) and still no keys. So I the proceed to spend the next 20 minutes combing the entire strip mall, including checking in stores I hadn't been in, just in case someone found them in the parking lot and turned them in there.

Finally, I ended up back in PriceChopper, where some poor store employee (probably sent specifically by the security people watching me on the store cameras looking under all the shelving {probably snickering, hopefully not posting to YouTube}to investigate the crazy woman in Aisle 12) offers his help with, well, whatever dumbass thing I might happen to be doing. I inform him that I'm looking for my car keys, and wise man that he is, he begins his investigation by leading me back to my car - where, low and behold, my car keys are lying on the passenger seat in exactly the spot the would have been had I stuck them into my purse after parking BUT FORGOTTEN TO CLOSE THE CLEVER VELCRO FLAP THAT KEEPS THEM FROM FALLING OUT.

Now, understand, not only do I look stupid in front of the grocery store dude, but I have to call AAA and admit my stupidity to the dispatcher - AND THEN ask him to call my husband (who I was supposed to pick up from work) and tell HIM that his braindead wife locked the keys in the car and is stranded in the grocery store parking lot until the locksmith guy arrives to rescue me, so my beloved fella should hitch a ride home with a co-worker. And naturally the locksmith has an entire stand-up routine to perform about the boneheadedness of locking onesself out of one's vehicle... as does my husband when I finally get home.

So today you all get a BONUS FREEBIE - keys, keys, and more keys.

You can snag them HERE:

NOw, here's part one of the freebie you came for: "Funky Victorian Summer", which is so named because it's made of soft tropical colors (the sharp-eyed amoung you might have spotted that they're from the amazing KimB's May Color Challenge!), and its style combines a little bit funky and a little bit old-fashioned... which is pretty much stander procedure around here, now that I think about it.

The elements come in two parts, as do the papers, so resign yourselves to schelpping back here a few more times in order to collect the entire kit. Which I'm embarassed to tell you I made to celebrate the fact that I'm being honored Thursday at the College Awards Ceremony; it seems I've won the (possibly) prestigious "Falconer Award for Visual Arts." After yesterday's shennanigans, I'm starting to think perhaps it's called "Falconer" because they award it to the most bird-brained artist on campus. ANYWAY, you can snag Part One of the elements HERE:

hugs, enjoy, and come back soon! I'm not done celebrating, but hopefully I am done locking myself out of my car.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Today's planned celebration was going to be a big cheer for the fact that I've survived another semester of college and I'm ON VACATION. HOWEVER, after dreaming about a glorious four months of academic freedom, I wound up being offered FREE SUMMER TUITION. In other words, the college gave me fifteen hundred dollars and change to give up my vacation (do they love me or are they trying to kill me?!?!? I can't decide). So I wound up with a mere two week respite, most of which was spent doped to the gills with painkillers while nursing a bad back AND with no internet due to gangs of maurauding squirrels.

To top it off, one of my summer teachers just e-mailed me HOMEWORK for a class THAT DOESN"T EVEN START until Tuesday (!!!!!!), killing my last four days of vacation. So we will NOT be celebrating THAT.

We will, however, celebrate the news that I didn't just PASS my final exams, I had the highest grade in the class! So I move ahead with my 4.0 intact - which means DOUBLE FREEBIES today!!! Without further ado, I bring you BOTH sets of papers for "Bohemian Rhapsody."

You can snag them HERE:

Come back tomorrow, I have an entirely new kit to give away, and a ton more celebrating to do! Hugs!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


For everyone who cracked up over "Scooter the Shooter" (or at least for Mungo, who posted a specific request), here is a FREE set of squirrely wallpapers - Scooter, plus two bonus squirrel-related bits of naughtiness. And if you REALLY like them, "Ziggy Sez" is available on t-shirts in my Zazzle store!

For those less quirky of you who came here looking for "Bohemian Rhapsody", scroll down for those links.


Today we are celebrating my first art exhibit! I have three paintings on display in the Pittsfield Intermodal Gallery on North Main Street from today until June 15. I'm shooting for my first solo exhibit by next spring. Anyway, I've attended a bunch of opening receptions working for the Ferrin Gallery, but this will be my first reception as a featured artist.

To celebrate, here's part two of the Elements for "Bohemian Rhapsody."

You can snag it here:

Come back tomorrow for the papers!

LINK FIXED -sorry!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm FINALLY back! I return from the "Perfect Storm" of blog-blocking - the last month was fraught with school-related deadlines, health issues, and an incredibly frustrating problem with my internet browser. This last kept me from posting more than everything else, because I kept getting kicked off the internet - or not being able to log on at all, getting an error message reading "your computer has limited or no connectivity" without the slightest explanation of WHY. I was just about pulling my hair out! Finally, after endless system checks and umpteen service calls to my ISP provider, the culprit turned out to be - get this - SQUIRRELS.

I kid you not, SQUIRRELS were chewing on the phone lines and that's what caused all the trouble. The linesman even showed me the chewed-up wires he replaced, just to prove he wasn't pulling my leg.

ANYWAY, now that I have returned, we have some serious celebrating to do!

TODAY, we are celebrating the fact that I once again have squirrel-free internet access.

And as you all know, here at Pixel Music we celebrate by lavishing free stuff upon all of you. (Well, that and the odd shot of Jack Daniels.) So prepare for FOUR DAYS OF FREEBIES!

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is a HUGE full-sized kit, with 11 plain & patterned papers and 34 elements ranging from lace and scrolls to vintage ephemera. Today you get part one of the elements; snag them HERE:

Hugs, and come back tomorrow for part two of the "Bohemian Rhapsody" elements!