Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zazzle 1040 Tax Day Sale!

For the next two days, ANYTHING you order from my Zazzle store is 10.40% off as part of our very own tax relief plan.

EVERYTHING in my store is on sale, but in keeping with the Tax Day Sale Theme I've just released "Bill Paying Stamps." It's genuine US postage, in packs of 20, suitable for mailing checks to the electric company, the gas company, credit card companies, and anyone else who charges you exorbinant fees. The government, for example.

I also have a T-shirt specially designed to wear in your post-IRS-pocket-picking days to come:

You can purchase these items (and a cool assortment of many others - from T-shirts to coffee cups and calendars!) in my Zazzle store:


Remember to use the coupon code at checkout: TAXDAYZAZZLE

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