Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zazzle 1040 Tax Day Sale!

For the next two days, ANYTHING you order from my Zazzle store is 10.40% off as part of our very own tax relief plan.

EVERYTHING in my store is on sale, but in keeping with the Tax Day Sale Theme I've just released "Bill Paying Stamps." It's genuine US postage, in packs of 20, suitable for mailing checks to the electric company, the gas company, credit card companies, and anyone else who charges you exorbinant fees. The government, for example.

I also have a T-shirt specially designed to wear in your post-IRS-pocket-picking days to come:

You can purchase these items (and a cool assortment of many others - from T-shirts to coffee cups and calendars!) in my Zazzle store:


Remember to use the coupon code at checkout: TAXDAYZAZZLE

Saturday, April 11, 2009

40% Off Weekend Easter Sale!

FROM NOW UNTIL MONDAY APRIL 13th, everything in mITSYBELLE's store at SAS is on sale for 40% off! That includes her two newest kits, and we're going to look at them now. First up is "Easter of Old."

The kit includes 9 beautifully patterned papers and some really gorgeous elments, 29 in all. Here are some layouts I made using this kit:

You can purchase "Easter of Old" here:
The next kit mITSYBELLE has just recently released is "Wishful Thinking." It's a much more whimsical kit and a wonderful contrast to the elegance of "Easter of Old." Take a look:

How cool is this kit? It's got beads and funky toadstools and even a pink hot air balloon! 8 papers, 40 elements - and check out the gorgeous carousel horse! Here are a couple of layouts I made with the kit:

You can purchase "Wishful Thinking" here:
mITSYBELLE has made a beautiful Quickpage Freebie for each of these kits, and you can snag them both FREE at her blog:
Come back soon, because I'll be running a contest next week and the winner will get some fabulous prize I haven't actually designed yet... and in fact I haven't the slightest clue what it's even going to be, so I think we can legitimately consider it a "surprise".

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Vintage Easter" Freebie Mini-kit

I have another gift for all of you! In keeping with my fondness for all things Victorian, I've created "Vintage Easter."

The kit includes 7 patterned papers and 2 solid papers, plus 26 elements running the gamut from 4 different lace trims to a trio of scrolls. There's also flowers, a nice collection of old-fashioned Easter illustrations, a pair of cluster frames, textboxes, and some vintage-style word art. Here's a couple of layouts I made with the kit:

You can snag "Vintage Easter" here:

See you soon with more mITSYBELLE kits and gifts! Hugs!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Kit, New Freebie!

The very talented mITSYBELLE has a new kit out in her stores! It's called "Season's End". Isn't it beautiful?

"Season's End" has 17 gorgeous jewel-toned papers in rich textures and elegant patterns. It also comes with 36 elements, including lace, bows, beaded scrolls, silk flowers, and an assortment of beautiful frames. It's a terrific bargain at $3.50! You can purchase it here:


Here are some layouts I made with this wonderful kit:


First off, I have a gift for you: a pair of lace butterflies. They are in .png format and come large-scale/high resolution (because you can always make them smaller to fit your layouts, but you can only make things so much larger before they loose resolution!)

Then go over to mITSYBELLE's blog and pick up scads of freebies! There's a set of Quickpages from "Season's End":

Not only that, but mITSYBELLE has TWO mini-kits for TWO different blogtrains:

And if you follow the blog-train links after you download mITSYBELLE's freebies, who knows how many goodies you'll pick up? You can get started here:
Enjoy! And come back soon!