Saturday, February 28, 2009


The elements pack for my FREE St. Patrick's Day kit "Irish Eyes Are Smiling" are finally finished! The kit contains 4 scrolls in scripted paper (that includes both scrolls shown facing the oposite direction, which is important because if you just flip them in Photoshop the SCRIPT gets reversed too, and I don't know about you but stuff like that drives me crazy), 3 lace trims, 3 vintage ornaments (dig the cool embroidered shamrock!), 2 flowers, a tag and a textbox, an embellished shamrock frame, and a celtic knot. Oh, and there's a butterfly, too!

You can download the Elements here:

Don't forget to buy a St. Patrick's Day "Victorian Floozies" T-shirt!

REMINDER: The St. Patrick's Day T-shirt sale at my Zazzle store is still running through this weekend! You'll get $4 off the purchase of one of my "Victorian Floozies" designs by using the discount code: PATTYSHIRT09 during checkout. You'll also qualify to receive this bonus piece of my "Irish Eyes Are Smiling" kit:

The bonus pack has 5 extra patterned papers, an additional flower, another cool vintage ornament (this one's a leprecaun!), two more laces, two more scrolls, and a set of embellished tags with a coordinating pocket. Here's how you can get the third part of the kit: if you purchase one of my t-shirts from my Zazzle store, come back here and leave me a message, and I'll send you the password and URL for the bonus pack.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO PREFER POLITICAL HUMOR T-SHIRTS: My good friend (and art teacher from last year) Rose also has a store at Zazle, and she's designed this wicked awesome t-shirt for St. Patrick's Day:

If you buy this shirt, you're ALSO eligble for the "Irish Eyes are Smiling" bonus kit! Cool beans, huh? The sale ends Tuesday, so head on over to ZAZZLE:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Ready to Put Your Green On!

It is time to start planning for those fabulous St. Patrick's Day parties! Here at Pixel Music, we've got the answer to that all-important question: "what will I wear?" We think you should hit the town in something from our "Victorian Floozies" line! I've whipped up three brand-new designs for St. Patrick's Day, and this week is the time to buy them, because the great folks at Zazzle are having a sale!

Here's a look at my t-shirt designs:

"OFFICIAL CHEERLEADER for the IRISH OLYMPIC DRINKING TEAM" come in a fitted baby-doll style and a "classic T" style, sizes S-2X.

"DOING MY PART TO KEEP THE DOUBLE D's in ST. PADDY's DAY." Yes, even those of us who simply can not "erin Go Bra-less" on St. Patrick's Day can proudly strut our stuff! Sized up to 2X.
"OFFICIAL BAR WENCH of the IRISH OLYMPIC DRINKING TEAM." Perfect for those of you hosting your own soiree, and anyone else who schlepps the drinks. Also comes on an apron!

To purchase one of my T-shirts, head over to my Zazzle store:
and use this code at checkout: PATTYSHIRT09


After you attend those great St. Patrick's Day parties, you'll want to scrap the pictures. So here's part one of my St. Patrick's Day kit "Irish Eyes are Smiling." The paper pack includes 12 textured and paterned papers.

The coordinating elements will be posted a few days from now, PLUS everyone who buys one of my Victorian Floozies t-shirts will be eligible for a BONUS pack of goodies that will also coordinate with the set (I'd show you how awesome they are, but alas I haven't actually designed them yet, which is why I'm not just posting them now - I think waiting for dramatic effect is overrated, but unfortunately I am also prone to procrastination, go figure).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"GYPSY GIRL" Now in Stores!

Yes, the fabulously talented mITSYBELLE has another kit out in her stores. This one is called "Gypsy Girl" and it's just amazing! Check it out!

"Gypsy Girl" has 14 textured and patterned papers, including scripted papers (which I just LOVE) and an embelished mat. It also comes with 50 fantastic elements - really cool stuff like a newsprint dove, a deco doorknob & ribboned key cluster, jeweled felt flowers, and tons more. Here are some layouts I made using this kit:

And then head on over to mITSYBELLE's blog for a QP freebie:
Come back soon for a look at my new ST PATRICK's DAY T-shirts, which will soon be in my Zazzle store, and a freebie (which I would have had for you sooner, but I've been taking exams all week).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Bloom" - Now in Stores!

Isn't this a FABULOUS kit? There are 12 plain & richly patterned papers, and 46 very romantic elements - including lace, embellished ribbons, flowers, an angel and a bird cage! PLUS mITSYBELLE has two QP's from this kit for free on her blog as a cool bonus! Here are some layouts I created with this wonderful kit:

You can buy "Bloom" at mITSYBELLE's SAS store:
And then go to her blog to pick up the QP freebies:

AND NOW FOR SOMETHINGCOMPLETELY DIFFERENT (and please excuse the totally random Monty Python reference): I made a layout using my last freebie "My Funny Valentine."

If you haven't picked this up yet, just scroll down a little further for the links. If you've had trouble downloading it (and the rest of my stuff) because of the zip format, you can download a FREE 40-day trial version on Win-RAR here:

Monday, February 9, 2009

mITSYBELLE's "Bejeweled Harmony"

mITSYBELLE just gets better and better with each new kit, doesn't she? Wait til you get a good look at "Bejeweled Harymony"! It has 12 papers and 42 elements that include some fabulous jeweled frames and lots of flowers!

You can pick it up in her SAS store here:

And here are two layouts I did with this fabulous kit:

Yes, (shockingly) we have an actual recent photograph of THE PRINCESS. Disengaging her from her iPod and the computer required a major feat in engineering, but I'm sure you'll agree it was worth the effort.

"My Funny Valentine" Freebie!

Suitable for cardmaking or scrapping, conveniently released several days before the holiday - my gift to all of you, "My Funny Valentine". The kit contains 11 plain and patterned papers and 19 elements including a variety of scrolls and lace, frames, word art and a cool banner/header.

you can snag it here:

And if you have a moment, leave me some love - because it IS nearly Valentine's Day, after all.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Lost in a Dream" kit by mITSYBELLE

Eeeek, I'm SO behind, between school and the gallery I'm having trouble finding time to go DIGITAL! Yikes!

We've got a new kit from mITSYBELLE to admire (and hopefully PURCHASE!) today. It's called "Lost in a Dream."

It features 12 pages and 60 elements (including BUBBLES!), and I've just had a ball playing with it. I'm going to send you to mITSYBELLE's store to snag this at 30% off:
and then I'm going to send you to her blog to pick up a matching QP freebie:

Here are some layouts I made using this great kit:

OK, now be sure to COME BACK SOON because I've got another mITSYBELLE kit to unveil, another blog award to share, and I'm working on a Valentine freebie for you too.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

LOTM Again, and a Freebie to Celebrate!

How cool is this, I won LOTM for the second month in a row over at K-JOI Studios! Here's the layout that won:

Of course, here at Pixel Music, when I get an award, EVERYONE gets a prize! So I whipped up a mini-kit for all of you; I hope you like it! It's called "Blue Velvet", and it has 8 plain & patterned papers, and 12 elements including lace, flowers, a text box, and a cool cluster frame.


By the way, "Blue Velvet" just happens to coordinate beautifully with my freebie alpha from a few weeks ago, "Funky Bling," so if you haven't already snagged that just scroll down through the entries and pick that up too, all my links are still valid. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Kit!

The very talented mITSYBELLE has come out with another fabulous new kit! This one is called "An Old Fashioned Romance" and it features 14 beautiful papers and 51 exciting elements:

This is really a gorgeous kit! Here are some layouts I created using "An Old Fashioned Romance":

Best of all, "An Old Fashioned Romance is ON SALE for 30% off, so you can pick it up for only $3.85 at mITSYBELLE's SAS store:

Then head on over to her blog to pick up some beautiful freebies!

I've got exciting news, and to celebrate I'm working on a great new freebie for all of you. So come back really soon and check it out!