Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New kit by mITSYBELLE - "Dreamy Summer"!

As hard as it is to believe here in the frozen Berkshires, in Australia (where the very talented mITSYBELLE hails from) it's summertime and they are having a heatwave! So mITSYBELLE has created this beautiful, romantic pastel kit which just oozes summertime - or at least springtime - and I say BRING IT ON, I am SOOOOOOO sick of winter! Here in the Berkshire we have already (according to the weatherman on NBC) been bombasted with 36 inches (and change) of snow with more expected to fall in the next hour or so (on top of the 8 inches or so still on the ground). PLUS it is expected to average in the single digits temperature-wise into the weekend (and when I say single digits, I'm talking FARENHEIT, so that's well below zero for those of you measure such things in Celsius).

ANYWAY, just look at this kit - don't you feel warmer already?

Here's some layouts I made using this beautiful kit. It was so much fun to work with!

You can purchase this kit in mITSYBELLE's store by following this link:

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  1. I just love the pages you've done with this kit, thank you so much :)